Workshop Video: Inspiring Science Learning - Finding Opportunity for Individualized Student Learning

Offered by:
  • Maine Environmental Education Association
  • Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park
  • John Van Dis, Science Teacher, Islesboro Central School
  • Ed Lindsey, Old Town High School
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Maine teachers John Van Dis and Ed Lindsey share examples and lots of resources to support science learning while schools are closed. 

The abrupt change to at-home and online learning has challenged teachers’ connections to their students and their curriculum. No longer in the classroom, there is the direct need to change both what and how teaching and learning reach students. Yet this change also brings opportunity, particularly to focus on the individual interests and progress of each student.

In this video of a live workshop on May 12, 2020, Ed and John describe the approaches they have been taking to sustain individualized, ambitious science learning in the midst of this new learn-at-home paradigm. They also share an extensive collection of resources that other teachers can use.

John teaches at Islesboro Central School and Ed teaches at Old Town High School.

(50 minutes)