Sign Language Workshop

Offered by:
  • Tiny Hands Talking
  • Lynette J. Olsen, M.Ed.
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  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

Welcome to the “Tiny Hands Talking” sign language workshop!  My goal is to provide an interactive and positive learning environment.  You will have the opportunity to engage in various activities while learning sign language skills, develop an awareness of early reading skills through sign language, implement sign language in a classroom setting and discover the joy and benefits of learning a second language.

  “Research indicates that learning a second language stimulates a child’s cognitive development, and sign language develops more of the brain than a spoken language.”  Dr. Marilyn Daniels is a professor of communication arts and sciences at Penn State University.  She has done extensive research on sign language taught in the early years and has written a wonderful and insightful book, “Dancing With Words: Signing for Hearing Children’s Literacy.”  She strongly emphasizes that sign language improves reading ability, vocabulary, self-esteem, expressing emotions, initiates an interest and enthusiasm for learning, is an effective tool for classroom management and promotes a more comfortable learning environment.  For more information on Dr. Marilyn Daniels, you can visit her website at

Duration:  2 hours:  Each participant receives 2 P.D. hours

Cost: $300.00 for a 2 hour workshop

Contact Information: (207) 706-6971 or

From Lynette: "I have been an educator for over 30 years with a Master’s Degree in Special Needs and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Elementary.  I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with various age groups in public and private school settings.  My experience with elementary, preschool, homeschool, adult and college students have enabled me to provide developmentally appropriate interventions and strategies in all classroom settings. "