Set Model Building Tutorial

Offered by:
  • Portland Stage
  • Angela Armstrong, Electrics Intern
None required
  • PreK-Grade 4
  • Grades 5-8
  • High School

Ever wanted to learn how to make a set model for a play? A set model is a miniature version of the set that is used by designers and directors to figure out what a production's set will look like before it is built. In this tutorial aimed for grades 3-12, you'll learn how to recreate the model created for Portland Stage's show, Native Gardens!  

In this video, Portland Stage's Electrics Intern, Angela, will teach you how to create a set model using items in your home!

What you'll need: a cardboard box, scrap cardboard or cardstock, paper (thicker paper like sketch or watercolor paper is best), glue, cutting tools, and decorations (paint, markers, pastels, etc.)! 

Follow along to create your own set model!