Virtual Astronomy Experiences

Offered by:
  • Versant Power Astronomy Center
  • Shawn Laatsch, Director of Versant Power Astronomy Center & Jordan Planetarium
Required, Email to request a virtual program, Click here to register
  • PreK-Grade 4
  • Grades 5-8
  • High School

Versant Power Astronomy Center has innovated new ways to help you and your class explore the universe via distance learning.  We are eager to work with you and your class, camp, family or private group and bring astronomy to you in an interactive way. 

Virtual Astronomy Experiences are presented live by Shawn Laatsch, Director of Versant Power Astronomy Center & Jordan Planetarium. All experiences include an interactive presentation followed by a question and answer period with a total duration of around 45-50 minutes.  Please contact us if you would like us to tailor something special for your group.

Presentations are $50.00 per class/group (maximum of 50 participants) and payment may be made by check or credit card. 

Setting up your virtual astronomy experience:

  • Email us at or call 207-581-1341 to request a date and time
  • Select an experience from our list of options
  • Invite us to join your Zoom, Google Chat/Meet, Skype, or Webex networking app and we’ll run the virtual astronomy experience presentation from our screen.

*Versant Power Astronomy Center can also provide a Zoom invitation for you if preferred.



Maine's Wondrous Night Sky

Legends and Lore of the Sky

Planet Parade - Solar System Explorations

Mysterious Moon and Me

Lifestyles of the Stars

Extraordinary Eclipses - Shadow Play

Voyage through the Universe

Binoculars, Telescopes, and the Deep Sky