Story Time: “Seeking the Wolf Tree”

Offered by:
  • Hubbard Brook Reserach Foundation
  • Nat Cleavitt, Hubbard Brook vegetation scientist
Website Resources
None required
  • Grades 5-8

Great for 5th grade students

Seeking the Wolf Tree is a story for upper elementary students about an adventure two students take through the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Join Aurora and Orion as they search for a “wolf tree” in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, looking for such clues as a large trunk, low branches, wildlife activity, and nearby smaller trees.

Plus supplemental teaching resource links!

Find Supplemental Teaching Materials at the following links:

  • Teaching packet
  • Gallery of student-drawn wolf trees
  • Wolf tree illustration exercise with checklist
  • Water In, Water Out activity with rainfall and stream water data
  • Hunt and Peck bird lessons
  • Project Learning Tree Lessons
  • Alignment with standards: CCSS and NGSS