K-12 Classroom Resources: Environmental Literacy Program

Offered by:
  • Hubbard Brook Reserach Foundation
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  • PreK-Grade 4
  • Grades 5-8
  • High School

Classroom resources are developed by or in close cooperation with teachers, and are chosen with an eye towards classroom relevance as well as to represent the variety of aspects of ecosystem research conducted at Hubbard Brook. Some are designed to resemble the inquiry portion of regional  exams, while others are designed to supplement existing classroom curricula. In all cases our goal is to put the research at Hubbard Brook into a format useful to classroom teachers.

Resouces You'll Find Here

  • Migratory Birds Math and Science Lessons
  • Data Lessons
  • Hungry Birds Count on Caterpillars Activity
  • Intro to Fall Phenology
  • Seeking the Wolf Tree
  • Exploring Acid Rain Curriculum
  • Online book: Hubbard Brook Research Synthesis - Educational resource for teaching and great textbook for higher level learners!