Constellation Charades Videos

Offered by:
  • Northern Stars Planetarium
  • John Meader, Director
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  • PreK-Grade 4
  • Grades 5-8

This is a series of videos called Constellation Charades for grades 4-8 and Constellation Mysteries for grades 1-3. Each video leads students through an art activity in which they will draw a constellation without knowing which one it is.  Part of the mystery is to see if the students can guess the constellation before it's completed. John will lead this activity that will also include some interesting facts and trivia about the constellation and the stars that comprise it.

This is meant to be an activity where the viewer is actively taking part by drawing along with John, pausing the video as need be to complete the drawing.

This is an ongoing series and new constellations will be added to the current set every couple of weeks.