Acadia National Park Virtual and In-Person Presentations for Elemtary School

Offered by:
  • Acadia National Park
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  • PreK-Grade 4

Grades 3-5: Carriage Road Explorers

 Draw, design, and move along as we explore the stories of those who helped build and maintain the historic carriage roads and bridges of Acadia.  (45 minutes)

Grades 4-8: Carroll Homestead

Learn about the daily life of Mount Desert Island settlers in the mid-1800’s. Join a ranger for a tour of the Carroll Homestead, examine historic tools and toys, and learn about the chores children were responsible for. (50 minutes)

Grades 3-12: Acadia’s Top 10!

(Overview of Acadia Slideshow)

What makes Acadia … Acadia? Invite a ranger to your virtual space to present a slideshow showcasing the resources protected here. This overview acts as a great introduction to the Park! (45 minutes)